Tubal Ligation Reversal- An Intro

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Not all couples were meant to have large families full of five or six children. They understand the responsibility of caring for each of them and that the more you have the harder it becomes. Because of this they research the many methods of a more permanent birth control than that of the ‘pill’ or the shot.

What Is Tubal Ligation

One of the more common permanent forms of birth control is known as tubal ligation. This surgical procedure is for women only and has often been referred to as ‘getting your tubes tied’. The surgeon will make the woman sterile by tying, clipping, cutting, blocking, or cauterizing the fallopian tubes. This will prevent the sperm from travelling to the egg and being able to fertilize it. While this is considered to be permanent there is a way that it can be reversed through tubal ligation reversal surgery.

Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery

There are many women who, later down the road, wish that they had waited before getting the surgery and have either remarried or simply want to have more children. The question is whether or not you wish to go through yet another long procedure in the hopes of becoming pregnant. With our helpful guide you will be able to find all the information you need to know about tubal ligation reversal. We will be able to step you through the process the tubal ligation reversal surgery and explain what will happen and what potential side effects you may experience. It is also important to consider all the facts before making the decision.

One of the biggest deciding factors is the amount it will cost to have it done. The cost of tubal ligation reversal can be extremely high – but it might be covered under insurance or you can try to have a clinic finance it for you. Browse through the articles and find the best way to pay for it.

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Cost of Tubal Ligation Reversal

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One of the biggest factors that women will base their decision on whether or not they are able to have a tubal ligation reversal is how much it will cost. It is obvious that the procedure and recovery time will cost quite a few hundred dollars – but it is better to know the rough amount and what it is based on. It is possible to find the right clinic that is safe to use and affordable.


The price of the surgery will be dependent more upon the type of technique that was used during the initial tubal ligation procedure. Some may burn, clamp, or cut it. In order to reverse it this will require it to be unclamped, sutured back together, or resection and suturing them both back together. The surgeon will do one of two techniques during the procedure. The first is to use standard incisions and the other is to use the more modern microsurgery technology. They are both very different from each other and will be priced very differently from each other. This could cost anywhere between $6,000 to $20,000.

It is well known that the lesser priced of these is the standard incision surgery. However, this will require a much longer recovery time and more nights in the hospital. This may very well increase the price a great deal. Microsurgery is something that can only be done in a tubal ligation reversal clinic and is an outpatient procedure. No matter what technique they use the procedure will be lengthy and require sedation and at least one night in the hospital. When the procedure is complete the woman will have a 20% to 80% chance of having another baby. The price for this procedure may be covered by your insurance plan – but this is rare. One of the only times that the company will do this is when the woman has a serious medical problem that can only be fixed by this. When this is the case you can try to pay for it with credit cards or take out a loan.

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Does Medicaid Cover Tubal Ligation Reversals

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Many women will schedule a tubal ligation reversal with their doctors because of certain health problems they might be experiencing or because they have decided to have another child. The main problem that women run into when trying to do this is finding the money to pay for it. The surgery can cost a great deal of money depending on what doctor you use. This price includes the cost for the operating room, doctor fees, anaesthesia, hospital stay, and pain medication. This leaves us to wonder whether or not we can use Medicaid to pay for it.

What Is Medicaid

Medicaid is a government health insurance plan that is given to people who are not able to afford insurance. It is given to families and individuals who receive a low income each month. In order to qualify for Medicaid you have to meet many requirements. In some cases you will still be required to take care of small copy. Each state will issue this type of health care differently. Some states are extremely strict while others will allow practically anyone that applies. Visit your local health department for information and to fill out an application.

Paying For Tubal Ligation Reversals

A tubal ligation can cost anywhere between $5,000 to $10,000. Some states will now allow Medicaid to cover it because they believe it is an elected procedure. In short, it is something that women choose to have – but don’t necessarily need. In other states they might pay for a large chunk of it because it is considered to be a type of birth control. In the majority of states tubal ligation reversals are not covered. One of the few that does cover it is the New York Medicaid. This is also one of the most expensive systems and it has the amount of coming in to allow it to cover the cost of it.

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